Sentiment Analysis

Mostly used on the web & social media monitoring, Natural Language Processing is a great tool to comprehend and analyse the responses to the business messages published on social media platforms. It helps to analyse the attitude and emotional state of the writer (person commenting/engaging with posts). This application is also known as opinion mining. It is implemented through a combination of Natural Language Processing and statistics by assigning values to the text (positive, negative or neutral) and in turn making efforts to identify the underlying mood of the context (happy, sad, angry, annoyed, etc.)

  • Insights to the data with NLP engine.
  • Insights to the attitude like Positive, Nagative or Neutral.
  • Insights to the emotions like Happy, Sad, Angry, Annoyed etc...


Chatbots are the solution for consumer frustration regarding customer care call assistance. They provide modern-day virtual assistance for simple problems of the customer and offload low-priority, high turnover tasks which require no skill. Intelligent Chatbots are going to offer personalised assistance to the customer in the near future.

  • Real-time solutions for simple customer service problems.
  • ChatBots keep improving from learning.
  • Chatbots help save time, human efforts, cost and provide efficient solutions.

Advertisement Funnel

What does your consumer need? Where is your consumer looking for his or her needs? Natural Language Processing is a great source for intelligent targeting and placement of advertisements in the right place at the right time and for the right audience.

  • Reaching out to the right patron of your product is the ultimate goal for any business.
  • NLP matches the right keywords in the text and helps to hit the right customers.
  • Keyword matching is the simple task of NLP yet highly remunerative for businesses.

Market Intelligence

Business markets are influenced and impacted by market knowledge and information exchange between various organisations, stakeholders, governments and regulatory bodies. It is vital to stay up to date with industry trends and changing standards. extract the necessary information for businesses to build new strategies.

  • Widely used in financial marketing.
  • NLP gives exhaustive insights into employment changes and status of the market.
  • Other insights like tender delays, and closings, or extracting information from large repositories

Q & A System

Question Answering systems automatically answer different types of questions asked in natural languages including definition questions, biographical questions, multilingual questions, and so on. Neural networks usage makes it possible to develop high performing question answering systems.

  • It may be used as a text-only interface.
  • It may be used as a spoken dialog system.
  • NLP for creating a seamless and interactive interface.


These are some of the few applications of Natural Language Processing which will be witnessed by business organisations in the time to come. There are other applications as well, such as reputation monitoring, neural machine translation, hiring tools and management, regulatory compliance, data visualisation, biometrics, robotics, process automation etc. NLP is the key to the quest for general artificial intelligence since language is a key indicator of intelligence in our society.